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What to Wear on a Brand Photography shoot?

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

There's nothing more stressing than trying to figure out what to wear when branding yourself. And if you are prepping for your first brand photography shoot you probably have a couple questions about what to expect. A common concern for people having their photos taken for the first time is what to wear. Here are my top tips for getting the most out of your brand photography shoot session without overly worrying about what to wear.

7 Top Tips for Deciding What to Wear for a Brand Photography shoot

The first thought when deciding what to wear for your photoshoot should be, What is the purpose of the photoshoot? Choose an appropriate outfit for the occasion and something that suits your personality. The next thing to keep in mind, is the location & season. Where is the photoshoot taking place? Choose an outfit that will keep you feeling comfortable and confident. For example, if you’re on a beach, those new high heels might not be the most logical choice and you might end up looking a bit out of place.

However don't let that stop you from Mixing and matching your look. Don’t be afraid to wear patterns or prints for your brand photoshoot but keep them to a minimum and try to pair them with solid colors. If you’re having a lifestyle photoshoot for example, have two pieces with print and two in solid colors. Play with different colors to match the mood and setting of the shoot.

But don't go overboard. Make your photos timeless. Keep in mind that your photos are an investment, and you want them to be repurposed. You might love that trendy top or pair of pants now but will your photos stand the test of time if you wear that item of clothing?

Now what about makeup? It depends on the type of photo you are taking. Fashion shoots will call for more dramatic makeup but for your everyday maternity, family or portrait shoots, keep your makeup natural and to a minimum.

You've picked out your outfits, so the next thing to do is check the fit. It's more important then you think. Try on your outfits before time to make sure that it fits correctly and compliments your body type.

Name brands are great but try not to go brand crazy. When you wear a lot of clothing with prominent brand names, you look like a walking advertisement. A large graphic on your clothing is also a bad idea, as it will end up being the central point of your photos.

Here's the bonus type: Remember to have fun on your brand photoshoot, be yourself and don’t hesitate to ask your photographer for guidance.

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